Working With A Recruiter

Working With A Recruiter

A recruiter called me and emailed me…how did they even get my contact information?

Well, we spend all day every day scouring for the perfect candidates for our clients, so if you have had your information on a job board at some point or are active on some sort of social media, we are probably going to reach out to you. Recruiters will assume you are interested in learning more about a new career unless you tell them otherwise.



So when we do reach out to you, just let us know straight up! If you are not on the market and are happy, that is great! We wish you the best and let us know if you need assistance in the future.



But what if when a recruiter calls you and you are at least intrigued in learning what they may have to offer. Awesome, we would love to discuss your career goals further and let you know what positions are currently out there.




Besides just a well formatted resume that is pleasing to the eye, more specifically our Recruiters are looking for some cues first before they will pick up the phone and give a candidate a call.

Longevity in positions


Industry Experience


When you get a call some of the first questions our Recruiters will ask include:

Are you open to relocation?

What are your salary requirements?

After that, if your answers meet the criteria of a position our Recruiters are currently working they will want to set up a time to speak with you in more detail. Before we give you any details about the position, we want to get to know you. We don’t want to waste your time and our client’s time by just submitting your resume for a job before we even know if it is something that fits what you are looking for and fits what our clients are looking for.

Randy Sadd

IT Recruiter


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