Different Types of Bosses

Different Types of Bosses

When it comes to bosses we’ve all experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly. Bosses can make or break your experience at a company and it’s important to be prepared for any and all bosses you might experience throughout our work life. Lucky for you, CNE has compiled a list of different types of bosses you might cross paths with.

The Micromanaging Boss

You know the kind. The one that never gives you autonomy over your tasks. The one that constantly reminds you about deadlines and meetings. The one that doesn’t have faith you can do the job on your own so they basically do it for you. Yeah, you know the kind.

The Absent Boss

This is the boss that just never seems to be around- especially when you’re in desperate need for their help. This boss may be at meetings with clients, different companies, or just taking a day off but either way you haven’t seen them in forever. Has someone checked to see if they’ve moved?

The ‘Drama Queen’ Boss

In some ways this boss might be the worst. Sure, it’s good to take interest in employee’s lives but not when “taking interest” turns into rumors and gossip. But alas, this boss lives for that and chances are you’ve encountered it.

The Burnout Boss

This boss may have good intentions but usually ends up setting unattainable goals making the team worn out and feeling defeated no matter how hard they’ve all worked. Burnout among the team isn’t good for moral and neither is having a boss who doesn’t recognize this.

The Best Boss

Hopefully, if you haven’t experienced this boss yet you will soon. This is the boss that helps you, pushes you, and encourages you to do your best. The one that listens to their employees and looks out for them as well. You should be thankful when you get “blessed with the best” boss.

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