How to Stay Positive in a Negative Work Environment

Some of us get lucky.

We have a job we love, coworkers who are wonderful, and a boss who genuinely cares.

Some of us get… not so lucky.

So how do the unlucky ones stay positive in a working environment that might be anything but?

Well, in this week’s blog, CNE gives you a few tips on how to stay positive in a negative work environment.


Don’t listen.

The best way to stay positive is to ignore the negative. This can be easier said than done but not listening to the negativity of others is a guaranteed way to help you stay positive.




Remember what’s important.

Are your coworkers gossiping about others? Does it seem impossible for your boss to give credit where credit is due? Remember your work ethic, confidence, and integrity mean a lot more than any rumors or negativity that could be spread around the office. You were given this job because you are capable of doing it. Remember what you are there to do and stay focused on that.


Create a happy space.

So maybe your workplace is feeling a little toxic but that doesn’t mean your own personal work space has to be. Frame a picture of your family. Add some fresh flowers. Plug in a scentsy. Whatever it is that calms you and makes you happy should be an addition to your office. Your space should be a place you can escape to so make it a happy one!



Find a friend.

There is no way that ~everyone~ at your office is mean or negative. Scope out the people that will build you up and encourage you to do your best. Surrounding yourself with coworkers who are friendly and positive will help you to forget about the ones who aren’t.



Leave stress at work.

Stress from work should never be brought home. Once you leave your office at 5:00 PM it is important to relax and decompress from the day. Any ongoing issues can be dealt with at work the next day. Time at home should be enjoyable and stress free.




Obviously, if a work environment is too toxic you should consider making a move. You may spend 40+ hours a week at your job and being miserable that whole time is not worth it.

But if it’s a job you really enjoy and you want to stay there then hopefully this blog helped you to find ways to remain positive even if you’re surrounded by negativity.



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