Advice For Starting A New Job

Are you beginning your first adult job after graduating college?

Are you looking to make a career change after being at the same position for 10+ years?

Are you a new high school graduate looking for a job that will help you save for the future?


With any new career move comes a number of unknowns and uncertainty. In this week’s blog, the staff at CNE shared some advice to help you get through the first days at a new job.


“I think having the right mindset is important. You need to go in with the excitement that you have a new opportunity and are going to be very good at it once you learn it. Will the first day at a new job be as comfortable as a job you had for years? No. So going in and expecting it to be is not realistic and you are setting yourself up for disappointment. I tell people don’t sweat the first few weeks.

Concentrate on learning not only the new job but also the new people you work with”               – Randy Sadd



“Get involved in as many projects, teams, and group outings as possible. This will help you open new doors into career achievement and growth by displaying your abilities as well as building relationships.” – Jon Maas





“Be patient with yourself. No one expects you to ‘get it’ the first week or maybe even the first couple of weeks. You WILL make mistakes and you WILL have a learning curve. This is a good thing though! Every mistake allows you to learn and understand. Embrace it!” – Joanna Weinberg





“Write everything down! In the moment you think you will remember everything your manager will say to you but that’s not always the case. The next time you need that information you will be thankful you wrote it down.” – Alex Loy






“If you have any fears of not having any specific experience in the workplace, you will get over that fast. Know what you were hired to do. You obviously were hired for multiple reasons that showed why you are qualified to do your position. So do it! And own it!” – Leah Connor




“Look at each new day as a new opportunity to learn and grow. Your first few days (or even weeks) might not go as planned but any “mess up” you might make is just a lesson learned. So learn, grow, move on, and do better next time.”      – Caitlin Briggs






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