Office Spring Cleaning

It’s that time of year again and no I’m not talking about baseball season… I’m talking about SPRING CLEANING!

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to declutter and deep clean your office. Out with the old and in with the new…ly organized office space you’re about to have! If you’re wondering on where to even begin – no worries! We’ve got you covered! Keep reading to get some spring cleaning tips and tricks from CNE’s staff.


Create A List, So Things Won’t Be Missed

I read somewhere that rhymes help people remember better so I couldn’t resist. But in all seriousness the best way to realize what you need and what you don’t is to create a list. I suggest doing a little bit of inventory in your office. Use your white-out on a daily basis? Keep that close. Realize you don’t actually NEED 5 pairs of scissors? Ask a co-worker if they need some. Haven’t used your automatic pencil sharpener since mechanical ones hit the market? It may be time to toss that.

Creating a list of what’s most important/what you use daily will force you to get rid of any excess inventory you don’t actually need or use.



Sort, Shred, Repeat

I’m sure sorting through tons of old documents is everyone’s favorite activity (not). However, it needs to be done and there’s no better time like the present! My suggestion? First look at dates on documents. If they are super old and you know there’s newer copies around the office, shred it (or recycle). Next, if documents are old but you’re not totally sure if they’re okay to toss set those aside for now and ask a supervisor what they think. Finally, if documents are up to date (or SUPER important… or both) put all of those in a separate pile. I suggest organizing the “keep” pile by different categories (ex: contracts, bills, etc.…) and then organizing those separate piles by date or in alphabetical order.

Want to know a great place to store the documents you need to keep? Keep reading to find out!



Bulk Up On Binders

Three-ring binders might just become your new best friend! Having binders that are each labeled for bills, contracts, client info, and so much more can help you to stay organized. Binders are also an easy way to help you remember where you put information. Can’t remember if you paid that bill? Maybe check your “bills” binder to find out!



Categorize With Color

Color coordinating your office whether it be with folders, markers, post-it notes is a great way to stay organized! Reserve a certain color for a certain task or item and never stray from that plan! I promise you – keeping your office color coordinated will simultaneously keep it orderly and organized.


Declutter Your Drawers

Our desks tend to turn into our dumping ground. Our desk drawers can turn into serious disasters so to prevent this catastrophe in the future I suggest throwing out any unnecessary garbage. Once the garbage is gone get some drawer inserts to better organize the items that you’ve chosen to keep. This will prevent you from just tossing everything into the top one. Next, if you want to get really crazy, trying labeling drawers with what’s inside. For example your top drawer by be “basic office supplies” such as white-out, pens, and a stapler. Your next drawer might be filled with “notebooks” or even snacks” and your bottom drawer might just be “miscellaneous.”



Be Lighter & Brighter

Now that you’re feeling like the clutter is gone and you’re more organized, try to fengshui your office so it’s a more welcoming, productive environment. I suggest lighter and brighter color accents. Yellow and light blue are both happy and calming colors that could create a more creative work space. Motivation boards are also a good idea. Keeping motivational quotes or your goals in a space you can see every day (like on a bulletin board) can help you to stay focused and on track.



Hopefully after reading this week’s blog you’re now feeling the urge to declutter and clean out your office! Spring is a time for new beginnings and that includes a new, better working space!

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