Co-Worker Zodiac Signs

The chatty one. The loud one. The unreliable one. The nosy one. No, I’m not talking about the Seven Dwarfs. I’m talking about co-workers. How much someone does (or does not) like their job can be directly affected by how much someone does (or does not) like their co-workers. But have you ever wondered what makes someone a “good” co-worker? Is it due to behaviors they can change or do certain people possess a likability that others just don’t? In this week’s blog we decided to look at astrological signs to explain certain behaviors of co-workers. Love them or hate them, co-workers are a major part of your workplace culture and each one possesses attributes important to the company. 

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Aries: The “Bossy” One:

Aries are natural born leaders. They are the ones likely to take control when projects are due and deadlines need to be met. Although some may find them to be overbearing and bossy, an Aries “get to it” attitude can be essential to success in the work place.  


Taurus: The “Reliable” One:

Have no fear, your Taurus co-worker is here. Known for being dependable and practical, a Taurus can be a major asset to any company. They may be overlooked because they don’t make a big deal of their hard work and success but trust me, you want the steady, unwavering work ethic of a Taurus on your team.  


Gemini: The “Busy” One:

Gemini are creative, clever individuals which make them an important part of any team. However, Geminis are notorious for having an abundance of energy which means they can also get bored easily. This might explain why this is the co-worker with a million other hobbies and side gigs. If they are unable to channel their creativity and energy into their work they will look elsewhere. 


Cancer: The “Loyal” One:

A team player through and through, Cancers are meant to work where positive culture and community are of high value. Although they can be sensitive about criticism, Cancers are fiercely loyal and if they feel valued at a company they are likely to stay.  


Leo: The “Confident” One:

Leos tend to crave recognition for their accomplishments but only because they have the utmost confidence in the work they do. There is a fine line between “confident” and “cocky” which Leos can easily cross. However, that confidence means they won’t let anything stand in the way of them reaching their goals – a great attribute to have. 


Virgo: The “Perfect” One:

Some may call their Virgo co-worker a “workaholic.” Virgos are meticulous, industrious, and will NEVER turn in incomplete or poor-quality work. Although they have (unrealistically) high standards, Virgos will push those around them to rise to the occasion therefore making others better.  


Libra: The “Balanced” One:

Libras have a natural knack for diplomacy so any issues between others in the office can be handle by a Libra. Some may call them a peacemaker when it comes to harsh feelings and ruffled feathers. Libras are fair and levelheaded which can be a breath of fresh air in a competitive work environment. 


Scorpio: The “Intense” One:

That is about as simple as it gets. Scorpios are ambitious individuals but also secretive which can make it hard for them to mesh with a team. However, their intense drive and work ethic make it nearly impossible for them to give up before their goal is achieved – a great quality to possess in the workplace. 


Sagittarius: The “Cheery” One:

Needing a little more positivity in your work day? Chat with your Sagittarius co-worker. This co-worker may seem to have limitless amounts of energy and ideas. Creative, innovative, and cheerful, a Sagittarius can brighten up even the dullest of days.  


Capricorn: The “Ambitious” One:

Capricorns are notoriously hard working and driven which can lead to great success in the work place. Their need for prestige and notoriety can be off-putting to some; however, their ambition in the workplace means they won’t back down from a challenge and they have the perseverance to see it through. 


Aquarius: The “Considerate” One:

Water Bearers are not motivated by promotions or pay raises but rather by the need to contribute to a greater good. Their desire to challenge the status quo and help others makes them a caring, considerate co-worker to everyone in the office (especially the underdog).  


Pisces: The “Creative” One:  

Known for their high-level imagination and creative nature, Pisces are not made for a typical 9 to 5 office job. This type of co-worker can be hard to deal with if you’re a more practical thinker but remember that a Pisces creativity and imagination have the possibility of helping their team reach new heights.  


What type of co-worker does your Zodiac sign say you are? Do you agree or disagree? Why?

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