8 Ways To Be More Engaged In The Workplace

It’s 9:00 on a Monday morning. Your coffee wasn’t strong enough and your brain isn’t mentally prepared for the week that lies ahead. Countless emails, multiple deadlines and a weekly staff meeting lie between you and the weekend ahead. We’ve all been there. But how can we stop looking forward to the weekend and start living for the week?

Employee engagement isn’t just about DOING the job but ENJOYING the job.

We’ve compiled a list of ways to help you stay productive and engaged for the week when all you’re really looking forward to is Friday at 5:00.


Chat With Coworkers

And I don’t mean about work related topics. Getting to know your coworkers on a more personal (yet professional) level creates a more cohesive, inclusive work environment. Not only does positive coworker relationships help build a better work culture but it also helps with productivity and retention. When employees feel connected to not just an organization but also the people within it, they are more likely to stay and work hard.


Keep Track Of Ideas

This can be in a Word doc, an Excel spreadsheet, your phone, or even in a good-old fashioned notepad. Whatever it is, make sure you keep track of all your ideas (good or bad). You never know when your boss might be looking to start a new social media project or needing a fresh marketing idea. You might just earn a little praise (or promotion) by being the one to help!


Take Notes At Meetings

This could be a no-brainer but it’s still important. Taking notes at meetings not only helps you to remember what was discussed but also keeps you engaged in the meeting. By writing topics and ideas down your brain is less likely to wander off and daydream.


Ask For Input

Sometimes we let our pride get the best of us instead of asking for help or advice when we need it most. There is nothing wrong with asking coworkers for a little input on a project you are working on. By doing so you are not only connecting with others in the office but might also be able to add to your already great idea! The opinions and thoughts of others can greatly expand our knowledge and understanding which only leads to better ideas and opportunities!


Keep Your Door Open

This is a simple action that can make a world of difference. An open door creates a more inclusive, welcoming environment. Plus leaving your door open just makes you seem more approachable and friendly. Coworkers will be more likely to ask you questions or make small talk which can make for a more enjoyable day. Of course there are exceptions to every rule but in order to be more engaged in the workplace it is best to keep an open door policy for the majority of the day.


Create A To-Do List

Name something more satisfying than checking off a task on your to-do list… I’ll wait. Creating a daily, weekly, or even monthly list can keep you on track to meet your personal and professional goals. This can help you stay engaged and productive during the work day in order to get your list finished.


Take A Break

For a lot of us, most of our days can be spent looking at a screen. This can seriously deter creativity and productivity. Breaks can help you take a step back, take a deep breath, and give your brain a little break. Often times the best ideas come when we’re not TRYING to come up with the best ideas. Breaks can be a quick stretch, a refill of coffee, or even a walk around the block but it’s important to get away for just a bit when you’re starting to feel burned out.


Participate In Employee Events

The best way to remain engaged in the workplace is to participate in employee events. This includes holiday parties, staff meetings, office activities, or anything else that lets you have a little bit more fun with your coworkers. Participation in such events not only makes you feel closer to your coworkers but also the organization as a whole. This will make you want to remain productive and engaged during the working hours in order to maintain the positive relationships you have built.


Hopefully our tips can help you remain engaged, focused, and productive in the work weeks that lie ahead!

Although we can all admit Friday is our favorite day of the week, there’s no reason to dread Monday mornings. Your job shouldn’t just be something you have to do but something you like to do.

Remaining engaged in the workplace will help boost productivity and make those long work weeks more enjoyable.

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