Never Worked With A Recruiter Before

So you have a vacant position in which you have been trying to fill for a while now without any luck. You are now to the point of giving a Recruiter a call for assistance.

But what information will I need to have available for the recruiter?


It’s more than just sending over the job description and salary range.


Yes, those probably are the top 2 pieces of information needed but when you work with Recruiters at City & National Employment, in order for us to find the best fit candidate for your position we will need to know some more.

Job description


Pay Range

These are the first 3 details. Then we get a little more specific.


  • What is the work atmosphere and culture?
  • Will this person spend most of their day in an office type setting or will they be on the “floor.”
  • Is this a hands on position, will they be working alongside other people most of the time or will the person in this position need to be able to work independently a high majority of the time?
  • What kind of travel is involved with this position?
  • Is this position very structured in which you will find yourself doing the same tasks day in and day out or will everyday be a new challenge?



Think of all the stuff you would want to know about a job if you were in the job market; that is what Recruiters need to know in order to submit the best candidates to you for your job.

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