Temp Agency vs. Staffing Agency

Most people group the terms Staffing Agency and Temp Agency together.

Though both do have similarities and each of their goals is to assist candidates in finding jobs or help companies find employees, there are some distinct differences as well.

The biggest difference and why City & National Employment brands itself as a Staffing Agency is by the type of jobs we focus on. The high majority of jobs we have available are full-time, long-term positions. We are focused on placing candidates in jobs that they can excel in for an extended period of time.

And since the high majority of the jobs we work here at City & National Employment are full-time, long-term positions, the talent pool of candidates that we recruiter, work with and have available are looking for just that.

Now with that being said, we do have clients in which we have worked with multiple times that have a part-time or temporary position come available, and we are just as excited to assist in filling those positions as well. The only thing to remember is that our talent pool consists of people who are looking for long-term and/or full-time jobs. So it may just takes a little longer and require us do a little more work in order to find that perfect candidate for those part-time or temporary positions.

If you are looking for a new job, please go to our job page to see all the jobs we currently have available and to apply.


If you are hiring professional needing to fill an open position at your company, please let us know by going here.


City & National Employment has a local Staffing Agency Division as well as an Executive Search Firm Division.

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