Questions YOU Should Ask During Your Interview

You know at the end of the interview when the employer asked you if you have any questions and most of us just want to say “No, not at this time.” So we then can leave and hope to hear some great news about a job offer….


Just because you are the one being interviewed for the position does not mean you shouldn’t ask a few questions. For one, it shows that you are clearly interested in the position and the company. It also helps you stand out from the other candidates being considered for that position.


You may be surprised by some of the answers you are given when you ask these questions but also it will really help you get a feel for the position, the company and ultimately if you will be happy and successful in that position.


  • What qualities would a person need to succeed in this type of position?
  • Why is this position open?
  • Can you give me an example of what a typical day would look like in this position?
  • Can you give me some more information about the people I would be working closely with?
  • Is there potential for taking on more duties and responsibilities in this position and/or are there job growth opportunities for me in the future?
  • Ideally, when would you like to have this position filled?
  • Why did you decided to work here or what do you enjoy the most about working at this company?


So go ahead! Give it a shot and ask some if not ALL of these questions during your next interview.

I am willing to bet the reaction you will get from the employer interviewing you will be positive for sure.

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