Slow Hiring

Slow Hiring is a very frustrating topic for our Recruiters and it is also a topic that seems to be difficult to discuss with our clients. As Recruiters our job is to find the best fit candidate for your job. And when we do find that candidate we are very eager to submit them over to our clients for review. BUT then it seems the waiting game begins.

  • Wait for them to decide if they should and when to phone interview the candidate.
  • Wait for other interviews to conclude.
  • Wait for feedback after.
  • Wait for them to decide if they should and when to do a site interview.
  • Wait for other interviews to conclude.
  • Wait for feedback.
  • Wait for an offer.

And during this whole time, the hopes are that the candidate does not get snatched up by another company which takes action to go through this whole process as quick as possible.

Now, every single one of those steps I outlined above are essential and necessary and there definitely are instances in which the process is quick or seems to move along efficiently. Let’s just focus on the times that seem to be drug out and what some of the disadvantages are to having a Slow Hiring process.


The average interview process takes 23.8 days! (According to a

That’s 23 days you have a vacancy at your company….23 days that someone else or you have to take on more responsibilities OR worse even, 23 days those responsibilities are being pushed aside because of the lack of people available to accomplish them.


Now we understand you want to make sure you hire the PERFECT candidate for the job. BUT think about these particulars for a moment:


Slow hiring does not improve the quality of hire and can result in the loss of top candidates.

It makes sense; top candidates are on the market for shorter period of times. Companies recognize a top candidate and don’t want to take the chance that their competitor may pick them up so instead of sitting on their thumbs, they make a move. The move that over time gets your company higher performance and makes your company more money.


Slow hiring can result in loss sales & revenue as well as lower productivity.

As I somewhat hit on above, days and weeks can go by with a vacant position at your company in which those duties are either being taken on by someone else or not being accomplished at all. If someone else is looked at to accomplish those duties along with their current duties, that can but strain on that employee and potentially cause them to be less productive with all of the duties they are looked to perform.


When certain jobs and duties are not being performed or not being completed to a certain standard, sales and revenue can be negatively impacted over time. In the long run this can cause a loss in sales, revenue and even put a strain on some of your clients who may decide your company is not its first choice for service anymore.


Take a look at your companies’ current open positions. Have they been vacant for almost 23 days? Or longer!?

If so, give us a call. We have candidates ready and waiting to get to work for you.


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